Thursday, February 18, 2010

craft/play day

On Monday morning we went to a crafting day at Ann's house. Naomi & Micah picked us up (thank you for the ride).

We left our toy-filled living room to visit Ann & Ayla's toy-filled home. Ayla shared her toys and Orson was in heaven!

Naomi got in on the toy fun...

Orson loved pushing Ayla's wooden cart around... (Ayla might be giving the cart to Orson soon!)

The kiddos are so cute together!

Ayla shared her cereal with Orson...
Micah is incredibly patient. Ayla is a beautiful ball of energy who loves to climb all over him and Orson is constantly poking at Micah's eyes and tugging at his ears & hair.
Did I mention we met to craft (although I haven't crafted in a year!) Here are the ladies working on the latest project and catching up on the latest news.

On the way home, Micah sang Orson a lullaby which promptly put Orson to sleep. Nice work Micah!


brucemjudith said...

Erin and Orson, thank you for sharing your day!!! It is such a joy to see your pictures and take part in your fun!!!
Off to Florida!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Rogers

Naomi said...

Great Action Shots! Micah liked singing to Orson. He was quite proud of himself.

maggie said...