Wednesday, September 8, 2010

grandma & grandpa rogers!

Grandma Judy & Grandpa Bruce came to Oregon to see our new house!  We had a great visit full of food, fun, and home improvements.Orson learned Grandma's spagetti sauce recipe...

  We celebrated Grandma Judy's birthday...Grandpa & Daddio put together our grill (without instructions!).  We've been grilling every night...We took Grandpa to a classic car show.  Orson showed off his wheels...
Thank you for the great visit Grandma & Grandpa!  We love you!
Up next... the swingset!

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brucemjudith said...

We had a wonderful time!!! Your home is lovely and Orson is so sweet!!! Today I was "Orson" lonely!!!
Love From
The Farm