Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fun with the quilt

Orson has 2 new favorite games... both involve the quilt Grandma Sarah made...
He loves to lie on the floor and I toss the quilt over him and we play "peek-a-boo."
In the 2nd game, I hold one end of the quilt and say "all-aboard!" Orson scrambles onto the quilt and I pull him around the room. He could do this for hours and some days we do!


brucemjudith said...

It is such a wonder to watch your child learn and grow and change!! What a wonderful adventure as the parents of Orson you are beginning!!!!

Love From
The Farm

DWM1034 said...

and one wonders actually who is training whom? you guys sure seem to be learning how to be great parents........attentive, loving, caring...wonderful! Orson is teaching you well!

Love you guys

Grandma and Grandpa Mc

Erin said...

We're so glad the grandparents approve our parenting skilss (we do have some pretty fantastic parents ourselves AND Orson is a great teacher)