Tuesday, September 1, 2009

monday visit

Orson & I got a visit from Naomi & Micah on Monday. They brought us lunch and after eating we walked over to the neighborhood playground.
Orson watched Micah run around while Naomi & I caught up on some important gossip (just kidding, we would never gossip!)


maggie said...

we ladies just share information, it isn't gossip if you need to know it!

Erin said...

You're so right Maggie! Apparently I "need" to know everything!

Naomi said...

Funny! I miss the gossip (and you guys)! Uhhmmm, I mean the facts. Here’s some...Apparently my husband planned a surprise visit to Texas. I didn't find evidence to catch this. I have to practice my women’s intuition skills. A bit rusty! BTW, He won't be at Market tomorrow.