Monday, January 11, 2010

basket case

Orson insisted on sitting in one of his toy baskets today... I think he's excited for the arrival of Christmas toys from the Grandmas.


brucemjudith said...

Dear Orson, Grandpa and I are looking for some good boxes to send all of your things to Oregon and mommy/daddy's gifts. We promise we will get them there soon!!!

Grandma/Grandpa Rogers

DWM1034 said...

Erin / Byron....not as exciting as toys, but the electric blanket went into the mail today...sleep warm....Grandpa Mc

Erin said...

We appreciate you all sending us our gifts we couldn't pack... we even bought an extra duffle while there... Orson got spoiled just a little bit!

brucemjudith said...

Dear Orson, today we mailed your boxes!! Now your toy box won't be so empty:):)!!! Please look for them next week starting on Tuesday. They are coming UPS!!!
Grandma and Grandpa R.