Sunday, January 3, 2010

presents on the farm

Opening presents was a fun new experience for Orson. Tearing wrapping paper seems to be a natural skill...

Isn't this little wooden train adorable? Thank you Ralph & Patsy!

One of the many gifts Orson received from Grandma Judy was Daddy's doll named "Joey." Apparently, Joey was so well-loved that he had to be sent to the doll hospital to be put back together.
Uncle Kent got Byron & Orson matching Colts jerseys... the boys looked too cute!

Orson became infatuated with cousin Jack. They opened many gifts together and Jack showed Orson how to play with his new toys.


brucemjudith said...

We love seeing the Christmas pictures. How is Joey adjusting to his life on the West coast? It was his first plane ride!!! Hope you are all feeling better.
Love From
The Farm (where we have a lot of snow)

Erin said...

We miss the farm (and so does Joey!) But we're all getting used to being back in Portland. (where we have a lot of rain!)