Thursday, March 4, 2010

birthday! yay!

Orson's birthday was filled with presents, food and fun.

Orson, Daddy, Grandpa, & I walked over to a pub to meet some friends. (Orson wanted to go on a pub crawl. hee hee.)

Ann & Ayla were the first to arrive... Happy Birthday to Ann! She & Orson share a birthday!
Leah & Tim came next... thank you for the cutie monkey! (Orson loves it and the tag attached to it:)
Yeder, Naomi, & Micah came to celebrate as well! They gave Orson a singing phone which makes him dance.
Orson was in a pretty good spirits until we lit the candle...
He couldn't quite figure out why we were all smiling and singing loudly to him...
By the time we finished singing and the candle was blown out, Orson said "enough!"
I love the expression on Micah's face... (why is he crying and when can we eat cake?!)
Maybe Orson was just trying to get some laughs.
Daddy took him outside and calmed him down but the night out ended shortly after... it was 8pm (Orson's bedtime of late). We walked home, got comfy, and enjoyed being one.


brucemjudith said...

Orson, Grandpa and I laughed so hard at your pictures!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Love From
The Farm

Naomi said...

I'm happy to be in such GREAT company!! Thank you for having us Orson!