Thursday, March 25, 2010


This week is Daddio's spring break... yay! This week Orson & I are sick... boo! O & I have matching runny noses and watery eyes (plus a few other shared symptoms I don't care to mention). The fear of cooties has allowed Daddy to get a bit of studying done but we agreed Thursday would be our fun day. Wednesday the weather was amazing, 70 degrees and sunshine. Today (Thursday) the weather is rainy, windy and cold! We decided to take the train to the mall...

Orson loved all the flower arrangements.
Daddy shared some lunch with Orson in the food court.

The fountain was very amusing to Orson. Orson also encountered a wandering Easter Bunny, who engaged Orson in a lively game of "peek-a-boo." The mall was fun but also renews my appreciation for the Market and Splurge.

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brucemjudith said...

Erin, thank you for sharing so much of what happens in your day to day lives. It makes you all feel closer!!
Love From
The Farm