Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a few more photos...

Ok, I need to wrap up the pictures of the Sherman's visit!

Here are a few more fun moments we had!

Calvin's main occupation while visiting was opening and closing the cabinet doors,
and he practiced daily...

Now that Calvin had started walking,
Aunt Kristin had to constantly follow behind him...
(my back hurt just watching her!)

Did I mention we celebrated Aunt Kris's B-Day? (a day late)
Our family loves a good reason to wear a party hat! 

It was fun to watch Calvin and his Uncle Byron play...
And Calvin loved showing off his new walking skills!

We took the Shermans to the mall on a rainy day.
Orson showed them his favorite things to do.
Such as,
sit on the coin-operated rides
(without putting any coins in).

And play on the playground...

Then Orson got a rare treat...
a ride on the carousel!
This was Calvin's first time riding a horse,
and Orson was more than happy
 to join him and Aunt Kristin!

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