Wednesday, April 11, 2012

happy easter! (better late than never!)

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!
Orson woke up early and discovered
lots of Easter surprises left by the Easter Bunny...

He had left a plate of carrots
and a note thanking him for stopping by.
Orson was glad to see the bunny enjoyed the snack...

The hunt for eggs was soon on
and Orson found all but one egg.
(which was hidden in his cowboy boot,
we found that one yesterday)

Hidden in the eggs were candy treats,
coins and a set of circus finger puppets...

The rest of the day Orson kept seeing
 (pretend) Easter Bunnies out the window.
He invited in about 8 of them and we had a party...

up next, the sherman's visit!
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brucemjudith said...

What a fun time for your little famly!! One day we will share an Easter Egg hunt with you!!LOL from the Farm