Monday, June 29, 2009

Day at the Market

We are at the Portland Saturday Market every weekend. Byron heads to market early Saturday morning and sets the booth up while Orson & I take the train down later in the morning. There is no shortage of vendors wanting to hold and snuggle Orson.
Below is one of my favorite pictures from Saturday. Our dressing room is such a convenient place to do a diaper change. Micah helped Byron with the change, he's not afraid of a diaper!

Orson loves to be in Naomi's arms.
Orson tested the strength of Erika's hair.
Then he relaxed in her arms.

Have I mentioned that Micah is a photographer? He's only 4 years old but takes some great pictures! It's like having the paparazzi around because you never know when he's snapping your picture. If you don't see him in the picture, he most likely took it.

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