Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mini mobi

Orson is usually happy to go for a ride in his stroller. He's been even happier since I attached a "mini mobi" to the handlebars of his stroller. Our great friend Leah creates these fantastic small mobiles that you can hang anywhere (rear view mirror, computer, window, etc). She also creates larger ones... check them out at


brucemjudith said...

Orson, I have a mini mobi also. I hang mine above my computer and our good friend Patsy has one that we brought her from a visit to the Market. My mobi makes me happy too and makes me think of all the people we love who live in Portland!! Grandpa is napping. Do you still take a nap?
Grandma Rogers

gemz said...

Hey Micah has one too Orson! He loves it!

I do too;)