Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Kate!

Happy Birthday to Kate! I can't believe she's 24! I love the above picture of us at the cabin. Orson can't wait to meet his Aunt Kate. Well, technically we're cousins but I've always thought of Kate as a sister. You all might be wondering where Orson's picture is in this entry... he's in my belly in the picture below.


gemz said...

That's so cute!!!!!!! You haven't aged a bit!!!!! Wow!

brucemjudith said...

Hi Kate, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have lots of fun today!!!

Judy and Bruce

Kate Onkka said...

Hi Erin!

Thank you so much for the greeting!!! I love the picture of us up at the log cabin too! I wonder how old we were then! Haha! I love you SO much!