Friday, July 17, 2009


On Tuesday, Orson & I headed over to Maggie's house to turn these beautiful berries into jam.

Orson & I weren't much help but we enjoyed watching Maggie & Leah work.

Here's Leah explaining the jamming process to Orson.

Orson was very interested in Maggie's newest puppy named Opal.

Maggie was also dog-sitting her parent's dog.

Have I mentioned that Maggie also has a large number of chickens & ducks?

Here's Maggie feeding the chickens.

Orson loved playing with Leah. He did not enjoy making jam, but Byron & I are enjoying eating the jam.

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maggie said...

great pictures! i'm so happy the one of opal and orson turned out, you gotta email it to me!