Friday, July 3, 2009

orson meets the ocean

We thought Orson should get a little taste of sand and salt water. Portland was supposed to heat up to 90 degrees on Wednesday so we headed to the coast.

It was windy! Orson kept sticking his tongue out trying to lick the air.

The weather was perfect. It was a warm 71 degrees and not a single cloud in the sky.

Orson really enjoyed the beach. We can't wait to go back to the coast!


Naomi said...

I need to go too!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you went! Lovely pictures!!

Sarah said...

We love to watch how Orson is growing and changing....he really 'fills' out that hat already! Love you all...can't wait to see you again! Love...Grandma and Grandpa Mc..

brucemjudith said...

Orson, the beach is so much fun!!! What a special day with mom and dad!!! Everyone looked so happy!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Rogers