Wednesday, July 8, 2009

more good times

Mr. Lamb was a gift from Aunt Kristin & Uncle Todd. He & Orson have been buddies Orson's entire life.

Here's a little video of Orson & Mr. Lamb playing.


DWM1034 said...

more great pics and clips....when are you guys heading out here?

Erin said...

We'll be home hopefully at the end of July... will call today to discuss! We love you!

Kristin said...

I think maybe Mr. Lamb is really is Miss Lamb based on how fondly Orson is gazing into it's eyes in the middle photo. Too cute! He's is so much more responsive to your speech intonation then when we were out. He's getting so old! :)

brucemjudith said...

Orson, Grandpa and I have watched your video a dozen times!!!! Thank mommy and daddy for all the wonderful pictues!!!

Grandma and Grandpa R.