Tuesday, August 18, 2009

farm adventures

Grandpa took Orson for a fun ride on the Gator. Grandma & I hopped in the back and we drove to the pond. The pond is back behind the fields. I wanted to put Orson in the corn field and do a "children of the corn" blog entry but it didn't happen... maybe next summer.
We watched the fish swim and I looked for a 4-leaf clover for Orson. I had found one just a few days before Byron & I got married on the farm. No luck finding one for Orson but it will be fun looking for one with him when he gets older.
There's a little island on the pond...

Milo & Olivia (the dogs) came with (they go everywhere with Bruce) and they cooled off in the pond.
Grandpa let Orson steer the Gator.
Orson enjoyed the ride so much that he fell asleep in Grandma's arms on the way back to the house.

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brucemjudith said...

How much we have loved all of your pictures from your visit home. We have looked at all of them from the lake to the farm everyday at breakfast since you went back home to Oregon!! I hope that you can keep this blog for Orson so that he can see his life!!! How sweet that you do this!!! WE MISS YOU ORSON and mommy and daddy too!!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Rogers