Wednesday, August 19, 2009

farm rides

We had to show Orson the beautiful orange VW van that Grandpa Bruce restored for us! It was a great day for a drive.

Orson sat in the way back and loved the wind hitting his tongue.

Grandpa & Grandma sat with Orson in the back.
We drove through Amish country and I resisted taking pictures of the people (except for this girl on her bicycle).

This field of sunflowers looked amazing.

This truck is Bruce's latest project... it looks so good! I can't wait for Grandpa to teach Orson all about cars and trucks.


brucemjudith said...

Your vacation pictures have been amazing!!! It is so much fun to see our adventures through your eyes!!! You guys look great by the VW van!!!! We drove it on the 40th anv of Woodstock to go blueberry picking. It seemed appropriate!!!!
Love from
The Farm

Naomi said...

So pretty!! I want to go;)